Work Smarter, Not Harder

How Does Heart Rate Technology Work?

Have you ever been curious about how your heart responds to your workouts? You can find out!

We’re proud to offer wearable heart rate technology powered by Myzone to our members. Myzone is a heart rate monitor that responds to effort rather than ability, which means everyone has something to gain!

Plus, you can watch your heart rate tile on our TV screens during your workout to determine in real-time if you’re maximizing your effort to hit the goals you set.

 Myzone belt and watches

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Track Progress

Celebrate your progress by tracking your heart rate with easy-to-follow colors to ensure you’re in the correct zones.


Receive Supportive Feedback

Receive feedback on your progress in real-time to ensure you’re giving yourself the credit you’ve earned!


All Fitness Counts

Wear your Myzone technology beyond the gym doors to see just how much you move throughout your day. You can celebrate every grocery store run, flight of stairs, and evening walk. As your MEPs stack up, you can feel proud of your efforts!



Tracking your efforts allows you to compete with yourself and others in the Myzone community to exceed your fitness goals

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Myzone belt and watches

Ready to Exercise your smile?

Contact your club to purchase your heart rate belt today. Then snap on your device and start tracking your way to feeling great.